Two prong toggle switch hook up, need help hooking up nav lights to toggle switch

Some are simply screwed on. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. To figure out which is which without colors, turn the power back on at your location. If there are two black terminals on the same side, it does not matter which one you attach the feed to. They are likely your two feed wires, and will need to be installed on separate terminals later on.

But none of the other two prongs have any writing, other than the number. How do you wire a three prong, lighted, toggle switch? Need some help with wiring a relay and toggle switch Reload Thread Last Post.

You have multiple hot feed wires. This is likely how two lights or appliances have been run to the same switch. It is one black wire from the power source hot wire and a black wire from the neighboring switch.


Make sure no exposed wires are touching the metal switch box. Some contractors will lump certain rooms together when wiring, meaning that a nearby bathroom that you thought was turned off could have several wires hooked up to the bedroom fuse. Make sure they are hooked tightly around the screw before tightening them back down. Hook up the existing headlight wires in the proper order, guy black consulting your wiring diagram for which wire goes where.

There should be three or four wires attached to screws on the switch, though they are usually not labeled. Passwords are case-sensitive. If you are removing the fixture or unscrewing anything, be safe and cut the power to the area you are working on. What wires need to be moved to turn on a light with one switch and a fan with another?

Need help hooking up nav lights to toggle switch

Hey, what about hazard lights? Note each wire and the location it is attached. Use a voltage detector to ensure that there is no power coming to the wall. If you're not an experienced electrician, bars take a quick picture of the fixture to determine how the wires are placed.

You can never be too careful when working with electricity. Using a power drill, make holes where you marked and drill the holes, screwing the light fixture into these holes. Turn the power back on to find the feed wire if you don't already know which one it is.

How to hook up a two prong toggle switch to LEDS

Please enter your desired user name, online dating your email address and other required details in the form below. Head to your circuit breaker and turn off the flow of electricity in the room you are working. Why do I have to have both switches in the on position for the outside light to work?

They are often, but not always, white. Just find it on the internet. Some electricians will cut the wire covering in the middle, loop the wire in the terminal, and allow the rest of the wire to continue into the wall.

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One of the wires, for example, might be for your fan, and the other for the light. You want the wire bent in a clockwise direction. This will probably require cutting the ends of the wires and fastening a blade connector to each end. Use an aftermarket switch.

How to Wire an Illuminated Rocker Switch
How to Wire a Toggle Switch for Lights on a Boat
  • Make sure that no metal on the switch comes into contact with any metal on the dash as this can create an electrical short and cause further problems.
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  • For example, you might want to turn on a bathroom light separately from the ceiling fan.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Anticipate emergencies and have a first aid and emergency response kit on hand, even if you think you can handle things. Things You'll Need Double switch single pole combination switch. Remember, however, that the hot wire is usually black or red, the rockstar matchmaking service where the neutral wires are usually white. You will need to find out which wire is which through some simple tests later on.

How would i wire an On/Off Toggle switch for my amp

Determine how the wires are fastened to the back of the new toggle switch. Determine where you want to mount the toggle switch. Test the headlight switch by turning it on and seeing if the headlights come on. Disconnect the wiring harness or wires from the back of the switch.

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  1. Turn the power off again and cover all the terminals with electrical tape.
  2. An inexpensive solution is to wire a simple toggle switch in place of the headlight switch, which generally also controls the driving lights.
  3. The other side is for the feed wire and gives the switch power.

Is there an electrical reason for We ll go over some of the more

How to hook up a two prong toggle switch to LED lights

This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Make sure you remember to attach the grounding wire. If you can keep the wire bent into its current shape it may be easier to attach later. When the switch is open the test light should be off.

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Just stay with regular bulbs and it will work great. Turn the power back off before you begin troubleshooting. If the detector light turns on, then power is still running to the switch. They should immediately power up the attached appliances.

The neutral side terminals are usually copper. You could also draw a simple diagram. They are often, but not always, red or black, and on the side with a small metal tab, or fin. Screw in the new light fixture. Originally Posted by goin crazy Fuck me.

The converters aren't made to run the extra voltage. There will be two neutral wires connecting to your two appliances, and each one will correspond to a switch on your double-switch when you are done. Vendors List Alphabetically.

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