Silicon Image 3132 Sata Raid Driver Floppy Disk


If the fan speed is lower than the low limit value, warning beeps will sound. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation.

These retention clips are used to fasten an additional cooling-fan attached onto the north bridge heatsink to blow away the heatwave radiated from the heatsink. Extended Memory This item displays the amount of extended memory detected during system boot-up. Connects to the Power Switch cable of chassis front panel.

Silicon image 3132 sata raid driver floppy disk

Total Memory This item displays the total memory available in the system. Connects to Local Area Network. Push this button to reset the system. Complete power off sequence F.

The system will not start without connecting power to this one. Checking Jumper Settings The C. The configuration options may vary depending on the type of module you installed. Push this button to power on the system.


The value of high limit must be set above the one of low limit. An accidentally scratch of a tiny surface-mount component may seriously damage the motherboard. Engage the load lever while gently pressing down the load plate.

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This user's manual contains all the information you may. The installation screen appears.

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Airpace Wi-fi Wireless Driver Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation. Restart the system for the driver to take effect. Nvidia Nforce Chipset Driver The installation screen appears. An incorrect connection may cause malfunction or even damage the motherboard. Nevertheless, netgear wall plugged bridge xe102 driver stay alert to touch any heatsink since the high temperature generated by the working system is still possible.

This item appears only with certain unlocked processors. Type in the model name and revision number of your motherboard. Value These items display the power cycle statistics for each element.

Fan Power Connectors These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system. Troubleshooting how To Get Technical Support? Fare riferimento alla versione completa della guida per eseguire le operazioni avanzate. Align the four fasteners toward the four mounting holes on the motherboard. Leave this item at its default setting.

Connects to the plug from external microphone. Init Display First This item allows you to choose the primary display card. Additional Cooling Fan For Nb Heatsink To attach an additional chipset cooling fan for model Inside the motherboard package you can find a pair of retention clips. Auxiliary Fan Power Connector These fan connectors are not jumpers. Untuk pengendalian lanjutan, anda perlu rujuk ke versi lengkapnya.

Low Limit These items set the low limit of fan speed. Secure the lever with the hook under retention tab. The system will automatically detect the settings. Exit These items display the power cycle statistics for each element. Choose a chassis big enough to install this motherboard.

Power on sequence timeout F.

After you had gone through the troubleshooting procedures, yet the problem still exists, or you find an evident damage on the motherboard. Start install operating system.

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They both have the same location and definition in headers, connectors, and jumpers, except a different chipset heatsink assembly. Place the heatsink and fan assembly onto the socket. Illustrate the over-clocking status if you had done so. Before starting these procedures, ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal object briefly.