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All students must pay in full before the final exam. Tony is an excellent instructor both in the classroom and car and as a result our son is a very confident driver.

Positive driving attitudes and behaviors. Take Your Car Safety Seriously. Having trouble finding a schedule that works for you? We also have a graduated driver license program for teen drives.

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Wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me learning how to drive! Add traffic lights to control movement through that intersection and crashes actually get worse.

Shared space is not for every road. No refund will be paid out. Statistics show that the most dangerous place on a road is intersections.

Passing the Maine written exam has never been easier. Maine for teenagers, adults and the elderly. Passing earns you a Maine instruction permit. There are several factors you need to have in mind when making an application for your Maine driving license so that it goes as smoothly as possible. We offer driving lessons in Oakland, Maine for teenagers, dynex dx-ebdtc driver adults and the elderly.

If you lose or destroy this book, you must pay for a replacement. These industry-leading study helpers have been developed from information taken directly from the Maine driver handbook. If class time is missed, it must be made up. All classes are to be attended. Maybe that would have worked better for you.

The Drivers Ed Authority in Maine. Drivers Ed App Mentor App.

Driver Education is regulated by the Secretary of State. Driver Education class fee must be paid in full prior to the last week of class. About Maine Driver's Education Before applying for your Maine learner's permit, you must first successfully complete a Driver's Ed course.

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New Location at 360 Harlow St. Bangor

There is an intersection on Munjoy Hill in Portland that I love to take students through. We have been able to accommodate even the most complex extracurricular schedules known to man. If you already have a DriversEd.

Next time termination from driving until parent or parents are able to attend all unfinished hours of driving. Name Email Address Message Submit. See what people just like you think about our course. Start and stop the course when it suits you!

Maine drivers education schools

If your instructor doesn't do this for you, you must apply for your learner's permit yourself. Is it safe to turn left here?

Wishing you safe travels from IndieDriver. Our courses are taught by experienced, caring professionals who deliver a comprehensive driver training experience. You can find us at our new location at Harlow St.

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Our son completed the course and received his permit in June. New Location at Harlow St. The whole course has been so seamless that we can hardly believe he is almost done already. When adults talk to teens about driving, they tend to talk about being responsible. We stop at a T- intersection, however there is a small overlook circle on the other side of the street to our right.

Maine Drunk Driving, Cell Phone, and Text Messaging Laws Maine has a zero tolerance law on drunk driving, text messaging or the use of a cell phone while driving. For more information, contact your course provider directly. Also, my friends and I continue to talk about the great times we had during your drivers Ed, thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience! Schedules and costs will vary depending on which course you choose.

It determines how drivers behave on it, whether pedestrians feel safe to walk alongside it, and what kinds of businesses and housing spring up along it. Driver's Education in Maine A driver's education course teaches prospective drivers about road rules, regulations, and road awareness. Our goal is to make our students the most skilled, most conscientious and safest drivers on the road.

Give IndieDriver a chance to get you behind the wheel sooner then you thought you could. Hi Tony, I just wanted to say thank you for being my driving instructor. We offer a variety of weekday, weekend and evening courses to fit even the busiest schedules.