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Db2 Jdbc Java.sql.sqlexception No Suitable Driver

Java.sql.SQLException No suitable driver

Can you post the mysql command line that you are using? Restart your server and pray. This driver tries to load a C library file probably for a Unix environment. You have to set classpath for mysql-connector. Revert if u encounter any problem.

This morning, when I've tried the web server, it work perfectly the first time. This is the exact exception, and below is the exact code, except for password.

In my experience you have to have the exact same version between client and server for it to work. If I use plugin then then how is driver dependency included to the project? Java requires a database driver to connect to any kind of database. Out of curiosity I tried Charles suggestion to use the jcc driver. It's a legacy system, so no options there.

As I know, because jdbc driver classes are loaded dynamically, they need not be added in classpath while source code compilation. Look for a connectiondef tag for your jdbc eway, add the correct dbUrl property, 3creb96b vista driver and correct any other wrong properties for example dbName. No suitable driver found for Ask Question. No suitable driver at java.

As explained in the docs, there should be an implementation of the driver class and that is the problem you are facing. Cleaned my project and it works now.

You can load the driver using Class. And you should use the com. That way the classes should at least be found. You database driver needs to be in the Java classpath to compile, and your Web servers classpath for execution.

Thank to Amos, Paul, and Eran. Full Credit to Paul Peters for this valuable info. Thank you for your interest in this question.

This is bizarre, how can it throw a ClassNotFoundException? It's one of the Microsoft examples. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Where are you supposed to put the driver? Have you encountered a driver where this was the case?

Guess you can revert to the previous situation.

Found the answer in a post n a ng. The mysql-connector should be provided by the system and not be included in a jar or war. Did you get the solution for this? Too many men are afraid of being fools - Henry Ford. What is the role of moderators?

Db2 jdbc java.sql.sqlexception no suitable driver

Email Required, but never shown. The jar is under refernced libraries. The Enterprise Architect Today. Depending on the database you are using, just include the driver dependency in your project and that will work. Here is my code import java.

IBM eption No suitable driver

No Suitable Driver, usually mean, that you don't have the correct url. Either way, including an explicit driver dependency will solve your problem. My problem was that the driver was not being used, therefore was optimized out of the compiled war. In some cases, it might not be enough that you load a driver through Class. Thank you all for this discussion!

Technote (FAQ)

Anyway, I hope this helps. The problem is probably related with the run configuration? That will eliminate the need for a shared library link. Something went wrong on our end. Can you add the plugin dependency you are using to the question?

That's the only possible discrepancy i'm seeing i'm looking in the documents however. So this is an alternative solution I think. Now you will not need to use the line, Class. That is a Java exception and you will find more information here. Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly first.

The ext folder is meant for extensions on core java classes, but can be used to load them into memory before the classes of the application server are being loaded. Sincerely, Shaji Kalidasan.

Me too facing the same issue. If these are not set or set incorrectly then the driver will not load properly. Although the solutions proposed didn't solve my problem directly, they provided some ideas to reach this alternative solution. You are running into this problem because there are two classpaths you are dealing with.

Check your syntax to eliminate that problem. That will bypass the Application Server's classloader hierarchy and use the underlying Java Runtime's classloading mechanism. Even minor differences can be enough to cause weird problems like this. To avoid any flaws like this I construct my classpath as you can see here env. No active Connection at java.

If I'm using maven plugin and through that everything works well, but how can i run it without Maven plugin using Run configuration and set up Tomcat from there. Locate the mysql-connectore-java. As for me, if it was solution of this particular problem, I'd gladly shared it with anyone. This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

Ok, that looks excellent, so that's not it. This worked for me and I hope it does for u too.

For someone looking to solve same by using maven. An old version of the driver is to blame for the confusion.

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