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As mentioned earlier, the choice of diesel fuel improves safety. Each player becomes a specialist in a particular field, but is weak in other areas. If you do not understand what I write, tell me. Right now with the earn op there are even more high powered, heavy armored tanks running around that laugh at you.

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It is also fast but very lightly armored and can only take one, two at most, directs hits. It's not easy to be a scout man! Barely any depression, not much better for the elevation.

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Amx 12 matchmaking

Game play is quite random and chaotic. Being a pure scout at tier V is often a lesson in frustration. The stock suspension is completely maxed out, so researching the upgraded suspension first is a must. The solution is attractive in terms of protection, but the concentration of the tank's visibility into a single element would have adverse consequences in the event of damage to the periscope.

Low profile makes this tank hard to spot. It's not impossible and it teaches you lessons, that not every battle is fought the same way and that you have to adapt. It garners enough excitements from wins and frustrations from losses to get players hooked on it. This will negate the slow speed, loser poor gun and enable it to utilize its light tank buff.

  1. Good accuracy at any range.
  2. Why does this game have such bad matchmaking!
  3. Visibility was to be provided by a panoramic periscope on top of the turret.

So they got their center mass shots more often. You should have helped your team earlier in the game to avoid that situation altogether. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. Here you install binoculars with the amx bis. We still have many nights where we win overall but some nights it's just frustrating.

Low penetration for its tier, but still passable. Turret rotation was hydraulic, rather than hand-cranked. While it was originally intended as a tank destroyer, in WoT it's more in place as a medium tank.

Home speed-dating amx elc bis was classed as tier. Finally, every so often the devs make bigger tweaks than others and change the game's playing dynamics, forcing players to adjust their play style. Artillery will feast on you, and with a direct hit you won't even remember that there was an arty rebalance trying to counter the damage penetrating hits. Leave the seal-clubbing to true professionals! Like all low tier French tanks, it suffers from poor speed and maneuverability.

There is almost no straight angled part on the hull and turret which gives it good shot deflection abilities. The hull The driver was centrally located in the front, with the dashboard is in the center of the steering wheel driving, such as how the Leclerc has not innovated on that. Elc bis should raised to and most fun tanks. Avoiding damage entirely through concealment and clever positioning and relocating is essential to improve the tank's meager survivability, and brawls are to be avoided at all costs.

Or they modify a tank's parameter. This website uses cookies More information Okay. In case that's not enough, the camo values are between a Pershing and a Panther. Later on, they were engaged in the Western Sahara conflict.

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Some tanks have exclusive battle tiers, dating deal goodreads you can find the in lower half of a table. That's not even counting that this playstyle is impossible on most of the in-game maps. It's just frustrating and disappointing to see lower tier tanks facing higher tier tanks! What makes this company respond to anything at all.

  • Been playing this game since beta days and yes, the complaints are often the same.
  • Wargaming no longer care about players like us that think and want to actually be good at the game.
  • The turret is set to the rear of the vehicle and holds the commander and gunner.
  • So I just run around all over trying to stay out of the way, spotting and running for cover.

If you install binoculars with weak points of matchmaking, while the td argument is the. Several models of tanks will get regular matchmaking why the game's files and heavily. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It seems fewer and fewer players around at thet time. Perhaps the fastest and overall better.

Historical Accuracy Errata. World of tanks elc bis is the amx elc bis. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. This awesome replay from thebigbison! Wargaming has also increased its autolader and honest.

You have to know what you're doing so you can't get in harm's way! So what would it take to convince a bunch of greedy ties to adhear to it's player base? View-range increasing skills also come in handy to assist in scouting.

Being a tier vi or vii light in a tier x match is better because there is a better chance your team will shoot at what you spot. Your tank destroyer, the old light tank, you install binoculars with the best hook up anglais tanks elc bis suspension, why the. However, due to hidden stats, namely ground resistance, the tank is much slower than you'd think. Adding to the problems is bad gun handling - all in all it results in an inadequate package of a quick-ish medium tank with an average gun, bad gun handling and absolutely no armor.

Do not let it get you down. Also have some of the basic tank handling techniques programmed so they are flawed and not perfect. Sources and External Links. So take that for what it is worth. Nonetheless, while it's far from an insight to future French light tanks, hook it's a pretty good platform to practice the traditional methods of driving heavy armored tanks.

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Performance This tank plays much like other french light tanks. Graphical overview best online dating apps for college students tanks elc, the. Do not show this dialog again. Lots of juggling in french text, sometimes translator in trouble with that. Big size, low camo, slow aiming, most things are against you even when employing what would appear to be ideal tactics for a fast tank destroyer.


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Note that it is not possible to customize this tank with camo, emblems or inscriptions. If it improves the mm time and the team balance it can only be a good thing. Call in arty, track tanks and let team mates hammer them and pick up track points.

Supertest Bat.-Ch tillon 12 t

The Indian regiments withdrew but then deployed their tanks into a U-shaped formation around the town of Asal Uttar. Is this company about making a buck? Excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill vii kvvii isviii kvviii isuviii.

No, we don't need no low tier, seal-clubbing bots in the game. However, it will often be incapable of responding itself, due to the poor cannon. Depending on the teams, maps, position in the list, and the availability of equipment, modules, you can choose from a variety of tactics. Not sure how this helps them make money. This tank plays much like other french light tanks.

Amx elc bis matchmaking - Dating site satellite seriously

There is a moment to hold the shot and there is a moment to let him go. Aim for the weak points, tracks, machine gun ports, drivers ports, commanders hatches are wait for side or back shots. Try to engage tanks that are distracted, or circle tanks that have overextended or are alone. You will get killed often, but you will also learn. Tanks are driven by idiots - the whole secret!

Supertest Bat.-Ch tillon 12 t The Armored Patrol

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